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Updated On: Aug 03, 2017

“I joined the IBEW because the wages and benefits. I also like the positive attitudes of the reps in the locals office. Also they offer endless supply of continuing education classes so everyone in the local is a top notch electrician. Besides the wages and benefits the training is the most important part, and they take pride in making sure that they employ the best electricians around. Everything that they offer has really had a positive affect on me and my family. Hopefully everything that I've experienced will continue in the near and distant future. The possibilities are pretty much endless.”

Bryce Enke

Member, IBEW Local 890

“Hello Local 159, My name is Eddie Brown and I Joined IBEW back in August 2015. This was one of the greatest decisions I made in my life. The first question I had to ask myself was why?, why did I switch career's and become a VDV tech. Well I have always been intrigued about IT and after going to college I had a few entry level jobs doing help desk as well as a Telecom Tech for AT&T, but it wasn't fulfilling me as a person, as the years went on I started getting bombarded with questions from my cousin Keiwon Caldwell (Journeyman Electrician 159)  about coming over to the field, he went over the various pros and cons of being a tradesman, but it was enough for me to reach out to Casey about joining. My relationship grew very well with him and I decided to pull the trigger to become part of the family. This decision changed my life as now I feel appreciated as an employee, I'm compensated for the quality and caliber of work done. The benefits for my children and I aren't comparable to anything I've experienced in the past and that I'm grateful for. The only thing I wish were different is the fact that I wish I had of done this 18 years earlier but I'm content on how it turned out. I work now to lead the next generation by informing young men and women of the success that can be made in their lives by joining a trade unions and the security it can provide, as well as the collective of brotherhood and relationships created from being part of some great for us the individual, as well as our society.”

Eddie W Brown

IBEW Local 159 Member

“I was at a job that required me to be gone on the road quite often. Sometimes 18-20hr days or gone for multiple days at a time. With all the overtime the income was nice but not sufficient enough to maintain a family of 5 on a 40hr week. Just starting a new adventure and becoming a stepdad and husband and father to a newborn, who has to see his daddy or he becomes the fire baby on The Incredibles, this doesn't leave much time for family and family adventures.  So with the compilation of over worked, underpaid, lack of sleep, other issues at work and lack of family time, my family was far from happy. With that I started looking for a new job. Then along came Casey with a few things to say and offer. He talked with me and my wife and came to see my family. Through extensive thinking and weighing all the options I gave Casey a call with a go ahead, he immediately got on the phone and paired me up with Jeff @ Staff. Obviously we moved forward and am now a 159 member as well as a Staff employee.  I'm home daily, I'm home before dinner, I spend good quality time with my family.  I'm able to see most of my son's sporting events. My wife is very happy. We are all less stressed. This all = the right decision for me and my family. I would definitely recommend to others to give serious thought about joining. If I had known the future of my old job, I definitely would've joined earlier.”

Bryan Fields

IBEW Local 159 Member

"I joined the Union because I was looking for and increase in wage and a retirement that I knew would be secure for myself and my family. I was also looking to get back into doing work out in the field. I like to stay active and a job through the Union gave me an opportunity to get back into a more active environment. The 6-2:30 schedule is conducive for my wife who is a school teacher and my 3 children who are currently in school. It has given me a ton of family time not only on the weekends but also during the week. Also, what I like most so far is the friendly working staff and the ability to get back to a variety of projects. It took me a bit more time to decide to join the Union because I was content with becoming an expert at my previous job and was worried about layoff. However, after talking to the Union I was convinced that if I wanted to work and was a valuable staff member that layoff was not going to be a worry. So I felt confident knowing that and since I am a reliable worker and hard worker I felt it was time for me to join. A myth that scares a lot of people is that "If you join the Union you could possibly get laid off." Fortunately, I feel that my skills and willingness to always work will not allow for that and that's what people need to know that are not in the Union yet and are thinking about joining. I would tell others that joining the electrical union is a no brainer. The pay is better, the benefits are awesome, the environment is friendly and there multiple opportunities to advance."

Steve Wickersham

IBEW Local 159 Member

"Having worked almost twenty years in the trades for non-Union shops, I wasn't clear on what it meant to be part of a Union. Once I made the switch the difference was apparent. The structure of the Union is built around us, the worker. There is a power in numbers that ensures we receive superior training, a fair wage rate, and a benefits package that is second to none. I used to be uncertain about what my retirement would have in store for my wife and me. In my previous job I was paying more and more to hold onto benefits that steadily declined in coverage, while my employer seemed to maintain his quality of life. This created a growing frustration that had me seeking a change. The IBEW was the answer I was looking for. I finally feel at ease knowing I will be able to retire someday, and my medical coverage will not dwindle away. Joining the IBEW was the best career decision I've ever made."

Russ S.

IBEW LU 890 Member

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