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Updated On: Dec 19, 2018

Question: Do I need to be a licensed Journeyman to join.

Answer: We welcome people of all skill levels. 

Question: All I hear in the media is the Union takes your money.  Do I get anything in return for being a member?

Answer: Yes.  First of all the Union is its membership.  In return for being a member you will receive a death benefit, pension, vacation/holiday pay, and access to continued education for your Wisconsin Electrical license frequently at no cost.  Your membership is like being a stockholder in a company; you can voice your opinion and vote democratically the direction of your Union.  Finally, as a member you work under a collective bargaining agreement with our partners in business; the contractors.  The contractors and electricians follow the collective bargaining rules in place.  

Question: What if I get laid off and go work for a different Union contractor, will my benefits start over? 

Answer: No.  When you get laid off or you decide to leave a Union contractor and go work for another one, your benefits follow you.  Meaning, you continue to add to what you have already started.

Question: What are the tools I need to buy/bring to the jobsite?    

Answer: The tools required will simply be your hand tools.  No power tools, benders, ladders, etc. will be required.  The contractor supplies those.

Question: Would my wife and children be covered under the insurance plan offered by the Union?

Answer: Yes, the insurance plan covers your whole family. 

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