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Contractor Questions
Updated On: Dec 19, 2018

Contractor: Does the Union dictate rules for layoffs such as seniority?  

Answer: Standard seniority does not apply in construction as long as decisions are non-discriminatory.

Contractor: Do I have to pay benefits when an employee is off?  

Answer: No.  Benefit contributions are solely based on hours worked.

Contractor: What will it cost me to be a union contractor? 

Answer: The cost is payment of the wages and fringe benefits for your employees as spelled out in the agreement between the employer and the union and  a small assessment to support the apprenticeship, labor-management and administration committees.

Contractor: How will partnering with a Union help my business? 

Answer: You have access to some of the best trained electricians with a variety of skill sets that will meet your needs.  This holds true wherever you perform work because our electricians are located throughout the United States and Canada.  There is no cost to establish or maintain health insurance, life insurance, or pension plans. There are also contractor courses offered that may help your business grow. Our affiliated contractors association allows for networking and additional business opportunities.

Contractor: I am sick and tired of hiring new people and training them and as soon as they get a little experience they leave me costing me money. Is that going to happen with union employees?

Answer: We have found that approximately 70% of Union members have stayed with the same employer for ten or more years. Unlike temporary employment agencies you can expect less turnover, greater productivity, and higher profits.

Contractor: How do I request manpower from the Union Hall?

Answer: It’s simple, contact the Union Hall and request the desired manpower with the following information: quantity and type of manpower requested, start date and time, job location, duration of project and any special requirements i.e.. drug test, CDL, safety toed boots, etc.

Contractor: Do I have the right to reject someone referred to me?

Answer: Yes, contractors have the right of refusal.

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