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Updated On: Feb 05, 2024

About the Wisconsin Electrical Workers

Wisconsin Electrical Workers supports all electrical construction contractors; big to small, residential to industrial, high to low voltage, and security to control work.

Wisconsin Electrical Workers is known for having a better trained workforce. We take great pride in character, training, and the safety of our workforce.

Give Wisconsin Electrical Workers a try; you will see the difference.

Why choose Wisconsin Electric???

Skilled Workforce

One of the most important reasons for working with the WEW is our large manpower pool. The growth of your business should not be limited by your access to qualified, trained electricians nor by constant turnover in your workforce.

Apprenticeship & Training

The comprehensive network of Wisconsin Electrical Workers training centers throughout Wisconsin means that you don’t have to spend your time and resources searching for qualified manpower.


We take safety very seriously. Safety training is instilled into every WEW electrician. Safety Training includes fall protection, CPR, First Aid, OSHA, National Electrical Code, lock out/tag out and many more topics.

HR Benefits

You do not need to worry about the hassle of HR demands, WEW will handle that for you. Our easy, one-stop reporting system allows your company to offer competitive benefits without undo stress on your company.

Professional Networking

Professional affiliation with nationwide industry groups, like NECA and the Electrical Training Alliance.

Benefit Administration

As a contractor with Wisconsin Electrical Workers, figuring out your worker’s benefits is easy. Simply input your crew’s hours into a spreadsheet to tally their total work hours (and -ultimately-your total benefit payment) for the month. That’s it!

The check you send is automatically distributed into your employee’s various benefit funds by our fund administrators. Because of this process you never need to worry about who to purchase insurance from or what type of 401k is the best fit for your needs.

How do I join??

Contact us at any time to schedule a meeting to discuss many options to ultimately improve your company’s bottom line through safety, reliability, and productivity.

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